Signs of a Bad Transmission Control Module

Your vehicle’s transmission is made up of many important parts, including the transmission control module. Like any other part in your vehicle, the transmission control module can experience problems. It’s vital to catch them early on to avoid more extensive damage to your transmission.

On this page, we at World Ford Pensacola will go over in detail what a transmission control module is, what it does, and the many signs to look out for when you think it may be experiencing a problem with your transmission. Drivers in the areas of Pensacola, Crestview, and Fort Walton Beach should read ahead to learn more!

Bad Transmission Control Module Symptoms

When your transmission control module is bad, there are many different ways that it’ll tell you. Some of the most common signs of a bad transmission control module are as follows:

  • Slow Acceleration: It takes longer than normal for your vehicle to pick up speed.
  • Gear Slippage: Your transmission switches gears without warning or without you shifting.
  • Inability to Shift: You can’t shift out of neutral. Or, your transmission can’t successfully shift up while you’re accelerating or shift down when you’re coming to a stop.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: The fuel economy of your vehicle has drastically declined for no reason.

Do any of these things sound familiar? If they do, it’s more than likely that your transmission control module is experiencing a problem. To make sure, you should have your entire transmission system thoroughly looked at by an experienced technician.

You’ll want to get transmission control module problems squared away as soon as you start noticing symptoms like these because of how dangerous they can be to drive with. Not being able to shift correctly or shifting out of gear unexpectedly can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident.

What is a Transmission Control Module?

The transmission control module is an electronic component of your transmission that’s in charge of interpreting electrical signals from sensors in other parts of the vehicle. Some of the sensors that work closely with the transmission control module are the transmission fluid temperature sensor, the turbine speed sensor, and the throttle position sensor.

These sensors collect information about your vehicle’s performance and this data is sent to the transmission control module. Then, the transmission control module uses this information to calculate the appropriate gear shift.

Need a New Transmission Control Module?

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